Saturday, July 20, 2013

My Flipped Adventure---Part 1

Before I explain the about my Flipped Adventure, let me take a moment and define the word adventure for you.  

Webster's Dictionary defines Adventure as:
  1. an undertaking usually involving danger and unknown risks
  2. an exciting or remarkable experience
  3. an enterprise involving financial risks 
As for my experience, the word adventure... Couldn't be more perfect!!!!!!!  This was completely an undertaking.

It all began one after school one afternoon in 2012, we were talking about our upcoming graduate school project deadline and discussing our topics.  When we came to hers, I stopped in my tracks.  I had to find out more.  So, after playing at least 25 or 30 questions, I came home and got on the computer and began my research.  

I was SO amazed! 

It was the neatest thing!  

It was something new.  Something exciting.  Something remarkable!  
A new way of thinking. Totally different.  Out-of-the-Box.  

It allowed for differentiation, mastery learning and technology!  It would free up class time and allow for small groups.  It would allow me to accelerate those who needed it and re-teach for those who needed that too.  

I could integrate so much technology!!!!!

I could make videos that students would watch at home and parents could learn some new "lingo".  It allowed for an open classroom concept.  It allowed parents to be able to help their children at home.  

With all these could I not??!!!!!

Not to mention, I could work with an amazing teacher who has a passion for technology and teaching.  She was a mentor, a friend, and I couldn't have made through grad school without her.   So, we took the plunge together.  For she was the one who introduced me to this "flipped" idea.

Then the planning began....

Since the curriculum was changing to Common Core, we decided that Math would be our focus on our flipped style.  The videos in the beginning were made on a video camera that I was in.  I used a set of six dry erase boards as the slides.  There was an Introduction and Vocabulary Slide, two or three slides of teacher instruction, a student practice slide and an ending slide.  The students responded well with this type of videos.  Since the videos were being watched at home and the students needed to be held accountable, they were responsible for completing a "flipped log".  The log had several places that included were: a place for the topic and vocabulary, student practice, questions or comments, global connections and a student rating.

The students were responsible for completing ALL parts.  Yes, I required them to have either a question or comment each time.  You would be surprised what they would come up with!  Sometimes, I was floored!  Sometimes, they wanted to know more.  For example, when we were learning about place value, one of my students wanted to know how to round to the nearest hundred thousand instead of just the nearest hundred!  Pretty above and beyond, huh?  OR, I would be asked things like, when will I use this in the future?  Sometimes, they would even tell me!  I would always respond and give them an answer.  I wanted them to know how valuable it was.  This was directly tied to the global connections.  I made them tell me how they could see it outside of their classroom.

The student rated themselves on their learning by a red, yellow, green stoplight.

  • Red= STOP!  I don't get it!
  • Yellow= More practice please!
  • Green= Good to go!
In My Flipped Adventure-Part 2, I'll tell you what I did with this information. :)  Stay Tuned!!!



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