Thursday, July 25, 2013

My Flipped Adventure---Part 2

In part one, I shared with you how students watched videos and what it was that I was expecting of them as part of watching the videos.  When I left off, I told you that students rated themselves on their learning.  They used the following scale:

  • Red= STOP!  I don't get it!
  • Yellow= I need more practice, please.
  • Green= Good to go!
This was one part of the data that I used to help drive instruction.  I wanted for my students to begin to learn the difference between what  they do and do not know.  In the beginning, I had all greens.  We talked and I modeled different examples about when I would vote myself as green, yellow or red.  I also reached out for parent support.  It took several months before they truly were able to give themselves an accurate answer and I still had a few that were not really able to grasp it.

I also used Senteos in my classroom after watching the videos.  The Senteos, or sometimes referred to clickers, were fun and something the students really enjoyed!  I have to admit, I didn't use these every time but I am planning on it this year.  The ones that I used were a short; ten questions at most.  It took at least 15-20 minutes to get through them.  This was really the data that I used to base the group that they were placed in.  I had three groups, 80% and higher, 60%-70% and 50% and below.  Now, I know that these are not really the most ideal numbers. I would like for it to be 85% and up, 70%-84% and below 70%, but with the limited number of questions I needed to do a little rearranging.

I typically flipped the math lesson on Monday nights and sometimes Wednesday nights too.  Then the next day at the beginning of math class is when the students would complete the Senteo.  

There were times when I either didn't flip, students had trouble handling the small groups and centers or had something that need to be addressed to the whole class that I had to teach whole group.  This again is not by ideal teaching.   When this had to happen, I would always include at least some kind of center, small group or partner work.  

Since I have shared with you how I use this data to form my groups, I would love to hear from you.  Those of you that flip, please share with me how you form your groups.  I love hearing about new ideas!

Also, those of you that know others that have flipped their classroom and may not be following my blog, pass me along!  Let them know!

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