Tuesday, July 16, 2013


The Summer is flying by and my brain is already thinking of the upcoming school year.  Over the summer, I had a dream vision of diving deep into the Common Core State Standards and my vision was a bit to large.  I guess us teachers tend to over plan. :):)

So, I started my focus on ELA.  I have found a couple things.

1.  The Common Core Standards are a tad-bit overwhelming when you start looking at where to place certain things such as skills and strategies.
2.  We have a lot to teach!
3.  This could take a while.

My first stop along my new vision, which is to focus on reading this year, is RI.3.1 and RL.3.1- Asking and Answering Questions.  What I have found is there are so many things that fall into questioning!!!!  Whew.  Headache.

Thus far, I have found that in questioning I should teach:

  • Before, During and After Questions
  • 5 W's
  • Inferring
  • Predicting
  • Drawing Conclusions
  • KWL's
  • Proving answers to questions in text
And the list goes on.  Now, I know that my third graders are not ready for inferences or drawing conclusions at the beginning of the year.  These will have to come in the later part of the school year.  But when you take those two away, that still leaves several different questioning strategies to be taught.  

My question of the day is:  
Where does your school system start with questioning?  What do you teach first in questioning?  Do you have a certain guide?  Is there any particular resources that you use?


  1. I just found your blog from Facebook. Welcome to the world of blogging. I also teach 3rd grade. I can't wait to use your ideas!!! I am following you on Bloglovin'!!!
    Third Grade Love

  2. Awesome! I can't wait to see you ideas as well!